Five Minute Family History

Save the stories! Become a story-catcher during your coffee break!

Welcome!  I'm glad you found me. I hope we can have fun here and do something really important, too. Doing family history isn’t only about visiting graveyards and documenting all the begats of dead ancestors, it’s also capturing living memory and creating a story your descendants will be eager to read.   So set aside a few short minutes–with morning coffee, at lunchtime or before bed–and write, type or speak fast!

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Fright Night!

To get you in the mood for today’s prompt have a look at these creepy Halloween costumes from past eras.

As Halloween nears this seems a good time to capture how you or your ancestors spent this holiday.  Our five-minute family history exercise is you-pick-one:

1. Write about your favorite costume(s) and/or Halloween traditions when you were a kid.

2. Call, Skype or write to an older relative and ask about Halloween traditions in their younger years (granted this one will probably stretch beyond five minutes, but it could be worth pushing the envelope).

3. Pick a relative who was born around Halloween and tell about him/her in as much detail as you can remember.  Physical appearance, career and family info, personality triats anecdotes, etc.   Or chose a family event that occurred in October and write what you remember about it.  Break this down, if need be, and write about it over the next several days.


Old Halloween Costumes.png