Five Minute Family History

Save the stories! Become a story-catcher during your coffee break!

Welcome!  I'm glad you found me. I hope we can have fun here and do something really important, too. Doing family history isn’t only about visiting graveyards and documenting all the begats of dead ancestors, it’s also capturing living memory and creating a story your descendants will be eager to read.   So set aside a few short minutes–with morning coffee, at lunchtime or before bed–and write, type or speak fast!

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One Ancestor at a Time....

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We are born of two parents, who were each born of two parents; rinse and repeat. This doubling each generation explains how “doing” family history quickly gets out of hand and becomes a tangled ball of factoids, unidentified photos and confused names.

So for today, let's focus on capturing the living memory of one relative or ancestor.   

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