Five Minute Family History

Save the stories! Become a story-catcher during your coffee break!

Welcome!  I'm glad you found me. I hope we can have fun here and do something really important, too. Doing family history isn’t only about visiting graveyards and documenting all the begats of dead ancestors, it’s also capturing living memory and creating a story your descendants will be eager to read.   So set aside a few short minutes–with morning coffee, at lunchtime or before bed–and write, type or speak fast!

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In an earlier post called THINGS we concentrated on choosing one thing of significance to your family and writing about that thing. Let's do some more with that.

I have several things that I know are "family things" that have lost the story that goes with them somewhere down the line.  I don't know who these things came from or why they became significant enough to pass down the line.  Let's not be the generation that loses the stories of the things we know about.  In keeping with our current list making activities (previous posts LISTS! LISTS!  LISTS!), take five minutes and make a list of things that are in your household (or perhaps that your siblings or other family members have in their possession) that you consider family heirlooms.  And remember, an heirloom doesn't need to be something costly or grand, just something meaningful. 

If you have some time left over go ahead and write the name of each thing at the top of a 3  x 5 card, or make a separate page in your notebook for it.  In future session, choose a card and write down everything you know about that object.  And take a picture to attach to the info if you can. 

Quilt photo courtesy of Brown Bird Quilts