Five Minute Family History

Save the stories! Become a story-catcher during your coffee break!

Welcome!  I'm glad you found me. I hope we can have fun here and do something really important, too. Doing family history isn’t only about visiting graveyards and documenting all the begats of dead ancestors, it’s also capturing living memory and creating a story your descendants will be eager to read.   So set aside a few short minutes–with morning coffee, at lunchtime or before bed–and write, type or speak fast!

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Labor Day

To celebrate this Labor Day spend a few moments documenting the types of work your ancestors did.  Choose one and find out what you can  in a quick online search about what the job would have entailed and what the conditions would have been like during that time period. 

Do you know any job-related stories passed down from any of your ancestors?  If so jot it down NOW.  You can edit it later but for now just get it down.  So much family history is lost because we're waiting for a time when we can write it all down properly and polish our prose and we simply never get around to it.  Even if all you leave behind are sketchy first drafts subsequent generations will appreciate your efforts.